How to choose the best school for your child

school for your child

Each school is a different world and you must choose which world you want your child to grow into. Therefore, you must consider several factors to be analyzed conscientiously and with dedication.

Our little babies are growing up and this involves important decisions, such as the choice of school.  Where their teachers will shape their education. And where their classmates will foment their social environment.

This decision is not to be taken lightly. In the long run, what happens during your children’s schooling will determine their future . The list of options is extensive and many factors should be considered, such as financial situation, family values, and what you want from your child .

choose the best school for your child

This choice is very important and is not limited to the financial situation. While it’s important to calculate whether you can afford the cost of a private school or if your means limit you to a public school, other factors should influence your decision.

Admission possibilities

Many private schools have a limited number of places , so registration can be more difficult. If you have already planned for your child to go to a private school, it is better to start preparing the documents well in advance.

Public schools are required to admit all children, although  in some countries and cities zoning restrictions apply and only admit children living in the surrounding area.

If so,  you should find out if the schools in your area meet your expectations. Otherwise, you will have to consider a move, with all that that implies, or a request for derogation.

Course of Study

The subjects studied,  the books used and the teaching conditions are generally uniform in public schools, since they are governed by state educational bodies. However, each private school organizes itself as it sees fit. Although she still has to follow some general guidelines, she is freer to change the program.

Teacher certification

As a general rule, public school teachers undergo  teacher training studies and must pass selection examinations.

Some private schools use the same type of filter to hire their teachers , but others  look for professionals or experts in the subject,  which does not mean that they are better or worse. In any case, it is best to ask and, if possible, meet the teachers.

Social environment

Public schools are generally more diverse , as they admit students without as many filters. Private schools can be more selective and less inclusive because, in addition to the financial filter, some have restrictions on gender or religion.

Consider that, from now on,  your child will spend more time with his peers than with you  and that they will influence his life.

Religious or secular education

If you have decided to enroll your child in a private school , you must also  choose the best school based on the  values ​​you want him to receive  and the type of activities he will have available to him.

If religion is important to you, religious schools teach the sacred books, rites, and other particular values ​​of your belief.

Secular schools, both public and private,  rely exclusively on strictly academic institutions , although they may also have a varied offer of extracurricular activities, which sometimes also include religion.

Specialized schools

In some cases, the school’s pedagogy offers specializations . This does not necessarily mean that there is only one objective, but a greater emphasis on a certain area.

Some schools offer lessons in another language, such as English, Spanish or German, some schools specialize in the fields of arts and sciences, others with advanced sports programs and many other forms of teaching .

If you consider your child has potential in one of these specializations,  perhaps you can consider choosing the best school that will steer their skills earlier.

What to do before choosing the best school?

Considering the above factors, it is always advisable to investigate the best. Below are some of the things you can do to gain the necessary knowledge to help you make the best decision:

Check school rankings   : All countries maintain a  ranking of schools, maintained by public bodies such as the Ministry of Education. Search the Internet for the ranking of the schools you are interested in to find out how they are positioned.

Find out through Internet forums and blogs: the comments of other parents who already have children in the schools you are interested in can give you a guide. If you know them personally, even better. Ask them questions, but don’t take their opinions for granted, because every personal experience is different.

Visit the schools: ask for an appointment with the director and the educational advisers. Then ask them all the questions that can answer your concerns. You can also request a guided tour. Some schools even allow parents to attend a class.

Participate in open houses: most schools organize events to explain their operation, their characteristics and their conditions to potential new students. Attend, take notes and ask questions.

Visit the school with your child  : their opinion counts too. Visit the school with him and ask him what he thinks. It will probably intimidate her, because it’s a new experience, but her feelings and reactions can help you decide.

The most important thing is to  start the selection process several months before the start of the registration period . Choosing the best school is a task that requires time and analysis. If you deal with it at the last minute, the options will be reduced. And you may have to make do with what’s available.

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