How to ace your interview in 2023? Complete guide

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A start to the year full of projects, a slump or a simple desire to change jobs can make you take the leap of job search. The shortage of manpower that the country is experiencing in several fields will certainly increase your chances of changing jobs this year, and therefore of having an interview.

You start the process, you prepare your documents, you look at job offers on Jobillico, then bingo! Your application has been selected for the position you are applying for. Your CV has been selected and your cover letter has left a good impression on the recruiter.

At that point, questions abound: how to prepare for an interview and how to succeed and how to make a good impression?

What is an interview?

An interview is an exchange of information between a candidate and an employer. For the candidate, it is an opportunity to showcase their qualities and skills. However, for the employer, this is the best time to choose the ideal candidate.

The job interview is a perfect time to find out if the current is flowing between the candidate and the employer, but also so that the latter can confirm his choices in terms of recruitment. As a candidate, this allows you to briefly discover your work environment.

Before the pandemic and the transition to teleworking in many sectors, the interview most often took place on company premises. For two years, it is also necessary to prepare for the possibility of a remote job interview or video interview , via e-mail. This type of interview requires special preparation.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your interview, succeed in it and get the job of your dreams:

1. Get ready

Before the interview, you need to be prepared and have everything planned out. Ask if there is an exam scheduled as part of the interview process. If necessary, you can also inquire about the number of participants.

Learn about the company, its products, services and customers if applicable. It is also very important to read between the lines of the job offer in order to identify what is expected of you in the medium and long term.

If you’re afraid of public speaking, there are ways to cope during an interview. The main thing is to do storytelling, that is to say to tell your journey with a narrative form. Thus, you will be confident and you will capture the attention of your audience.

When preparing for your job interview, be proactive and anticipate the answers to possible questions. Try to memorize your education, skills and experience so that you are comfortable when the employer asks you these questions.

2. Rehearse a short speech

When you have become familiar with the questions recruiters ask, start reviewing your answers. Usually, the interview is about your education, experiences, accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses. Feel free to write sample answers that you prepared in step

Preparing a short speech does not mean learning texts by heart, but rather preparing the outline of your speech to recruiters.

3. Rest the night before

Be convincing, without overdoing it. An employer is not looking for a perfect person, but more a person who feels good about themselves. Being rested allows you to have a good attitude, a good state of mind will make you succeed in your interview.

4 . be on time

It is advisable to arrive ten to fifteen minutes in advance. If you are able, locate the premises of the company and try to find out the route, its duration and the parking lots nearby if necessary. That way, you’ll arrive early enough to catch your breath and prepare for your interview.

In the case of a remote interview, it is important to carefully check your computer, the positioning of your camera and the operation of your microphone. Do this to avoid unpleasant surprises during your interview. A camera that does not work, a microphone out of adjustment and we can quickly lose the thread of our ideas and be distracted during the interview.

5. Dress appropriately

Preparing for an interview requires preparing suitable clothing. Depending on the job you are applying for, you need to adapt your dress style. Either way, dress modestly. Ditch your shorts and sandals even if it’s 40°C on the day of your interview.

This advice is also valid for video interviews in the era of telecommuting. Don’t stay in your pajama bottoms thinking the recruiter won’t see you. Dressing up gets you in the mood for a formal meeting and mentally prepares you to be serious and thorough.

6. Prepare for a scenario

During your job interview, you will be confronted with at least one scenario. The objective for the employer is to put you in the shoes of an employee of the company and to know the following thing: if you were in this position and you had to manage such and such a situation, what would you do ?

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