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Delhi’s Premier French Interpretation Services

At the “School of French,” we offer a comprehensive range of interpretation services, including both synchronous and consecutive interpretation. Whether you are a French native visiting India or need professional interpretation services, our team of highly experienced and skilled French interpreters is at your service.

Our Interpretation Services Include:

1. Consecutive Interpretation:

Consecutive interpretation is one of the most popular and widely used forms of interpretation today. In this method, the interpreter listens to a few lines spoken by the speaker and then renders or translates them for the audience. This process is repeated as the interpreter conveys the message to the audience in their preferred language. Consecutive interpretation can be one-way, where the interpreter translates between two individuals, or two-way, where the interpreter facilitates communication between both parties in their respective languages.

2. Simultaneous Interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation involves the interpreter continuously listening to the speaker through headphones and instantly conveying each point of the conversation to the audience in the source language. This type of interpretation is typically employed for extended meetings, conferences, speeches, and similar events. It occurs in real-time and requires specialized equipment such as wires, headphones, and microphones.

3. Escorting Interpretation:

Liaison or escorting interpretations are a subset of consecutive interpretations, often used for small groups, workshops, travel parties, and similar settings. These interpretations do not require any special equipment and are suited for more intimate gatherings.

4. Telephonic Interpretation:

Telephonic interpretations are also a part of consecutive interpretations, and they can be conducted over phone or video calls, as well as through text-based chat. This method is convenient for remote communication and facilitates instant language translation for various communication modes.

Whether you need interpretation for business meetings, conferences, travel, or any other occasion, our expert interpreters are here to ensure effective communication between languages.

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